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Whether you have a junkyard of old cars or your family wagon has finally taken its last road trip, S & S Auto Salvage buys all used and junk cars and trucks. We have a variety of parts on hand at all times to get even the oldest cars working again. If you're interested in buying a junk car or an older model, we sell all makes and models of cars or trucks!

Sell your old lemon for money in your pocket!

Trust our honest and ethical team for affordable and fair prices on all our cars!

  • Any car parts

  • Van parts

  • Truck parts

  • SUV parts

  • Buy and sell rebuildable cars

  • Parts installation

Get the best junk car repairs and services:

When you've sold your old clunker to our rebuilds, never worry about paying towing fees. Our trained technicians will take your car from your home and tow it straight to our shop. We can pick up any cars or trucks!

Don't worry about how you'll get your junk car to us!

Call ahead to see what cars and trucks we have for sale!



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